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23/24 to Life

My husband was 24 when he met me. I was 24 when we got married.

You can’t tell me there’s not something special about 24. Something equally special about 23 as well.

Pay attention to life when you’re 23/24. If you’re older than that, think back to 23-24. What do you remember? Were you happy? If not, do you remember realizing what made you happy? Or were you at least on the way to realizing what made you happy?

23 was an amazing year for me.

At 23, I was definitely loving who I was, comfortable in my skin!

23 I was editor in chief of the school paper. I fell in love with New York on the morning after my 23rd birthday when I woke up in the room of an amazing hotel smack in the middle of Times Square. I fell in love deeper on a return trip that summer with my best friend.

Coney Island Summer 2009!

23 I did an amazing week of service in Terre Haute, IN with Alternative Spring Break as a Team Leader.

23 was funny, because I broke up with K. I later reunited with him and we moved closer to marriage.

23 was the year I took that life changing trip to Richmond, Va to visit a seminary (one I thought I would attend, but the timing wasn’t right). 23 was the year my views on religion and Christianity changed.

Plane ride from Virginia, after the seminary visit

23 was the year I bought my first car. 23 was also the year I realized communications was not for me, but I stuck with it anyways, since I was close to graduating.

23 was the year I realized that I loved helping people and wanted to make a career out of it. I wasn’t quite sure how I’d do it, but I knew I wanted to get paid to do what I loved.

24, however, was a different story.

23 was the year I was officially (OFFICIALLY) engaged. 24 was the year I would get married.

Me & K! Wedding day 7. 23. 2010

24 was the year of growing pains. They hurt like hell, but they were necessary.

24 made me.

25 did too, in many ways, but the decisions made in 24 have a big impact on what and who I am today.

24 was the year I officially left church, with no clear return date in mind.

24 was the year I realized I did what I had to do for income sake, and vowed to never do it again.

24 meant I would no longer make any apologies for who I was/am.

24, I abandoned me for we, not fully realizing that meant more sacrifice than I initially thought.

24, I saw a glimpse into my future. And I was okay with it.

24 I became a first generation college graduate. The misery that followed almost made me forget that.

24 I really learned who my real friends were, and who wasn’t.


23/24 is more life changing than you think.

If you’re paying attention to your intuition through it all, you end up on your path towards your calling. Something life changing may happen at 23/24. Keep your eyes open.

Don’t worry if 23/24 doesn’t bring you the stability/dream job/dream relationship that you thought it would. 23/24 is younger than you think. You have your entire life ahead of you.

The choices you make at those ages, have the potential to propel you towards a life you couldn’t have even imagined for yourself.

At 26, I can say that all that has happened to me in those two years, has set the stage for everything that is happening now, good and bad.

Take the time to study yourself. Discover what you like/don’t like. If you don’t know at those ages, those are good years to find out. If you’re past those ages, you most likely know what you like, and most likely, 23-24 either reminded you of that, or you may have been introduced to it by then.



A thirty something city kid from the midwest (born, raised and educated in Ohio!) Middle school english educator in Atlanta, GA hellbent on giving my kiddos the tools they need to advocate for themselves and others! I'm also passionate about helping young adults find their purpose and live it out! I'm constantly growing and evolving. I'm a mom to a little brilliant active black boy and passionate about my faith and spirituality! I'm ready to change the world, one life at a time!

5 thoughts on “23/24 to Life

  1. I’m turning 23 in October and I hope that this year, I will be propelled to the next level as a writer, editor, Christian and woman. This just inspired me to write a blog post. You’re amazing!

    1. awww thanks! I hope that 23 is even MORE amazing for you than it was for me! 26 is giving 23 some serious competition as one of the best years of my life though lol! Many blessings to you!

  2. Interesting post! I got engaged when I was 23 and was married at 24; I turned 25 a week and a half later. I also think some growth happened for me around 23… and before. Thanks for helping me reflect!

    1. No problem, thanks for reading! It was just something that was brought to my attention on twitter by someone on news feed, about the age of 23-24 and its’ significance.

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