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No More Wondering

Someone pinch me, I feel like I’m in a dream. Wait, no, if I am…don’t wake me up.

And I wonder if you know, What it means, what it means, And I wonder if you know, What it means, to find your dreams-‘I Wonder’ Kanye West

Well I no longer have to wonder.

People often say when it comes to true love ‘when you know, you just know’. I can say that for finding your purpose, your path, your true calling as well.

From the time I stepped on campus to begin my new position yesterday, I knew that it was meant to be. I knew it was destiny. And today’s interactions with coworkers from various departments, reinforced just that.

Y’all. People I LOOKED UP TO, ADMIRED, in high school, in college? They’re now my COWORKERS. My CONTEMPORARIES. Well somewhat, I’m an Americorps worker. But I still work with them. And that in itself, is amazing.

An interaction with one lady in particular, the director of counseling…she reminds me of a few people I love dearly, like my aunts. And I’m going to enjoy working closely with her.

You have no idea how it feels. To be in a position that is tailored to your passions, interests, background, and experience. To see the need, and be able to say ‘I’m here to meet your need, and gladly.’

I know it won’t be easy. But nothing worth having is, right? I’ve got my work cut out for me, as this is a position that has never existed before. Alot to know and learn in a short amount of time. But I’m up for the challenge.

I’m excited to help these freshmen get on the right track. I remember coming to my alma mater, determined to graduate, and doing whatever it took. Remedial courses, yep, I took em. Pell grants? Yep I got em. Home problems while in college? Yep I had em. Academic struggles? Yep I had those too. And I overcame it all.

And now I get to help others do the same.

This is something so special to me. Education has always been my passion, my interest. And my alma mater, no matter where I go, is home. So to come back ‘home’ and be able to serve in a way that hasn’t been done before?

I’m off to blaze trails. I’ve never loved any job like this before. ever. Nor have I ever been this excited to go to work every day. I fall in love deeper and deeper with my job, like never before.

It’s a dream that I didn’t even know I wanted this bad. Now that I have it?

It’s a dream come true.



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