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#30in30-To Grandmother’s House We Go

I’m a PK (preacher’s kid) which means that much of my childhood was spent in church. I’ve blocked alot of memories out from my childhood, because well, I feel like much of my childhood was robbed.

But doing that wouldn’t serve me well at all. Because whenever we went to church? I was at my maternal grandmother’s house. Before and after. Sometimes I would be at my grandmother’s house instead of church. And blocking those memories out would mean I am blocking out the good, happy memories of my childhood. The ones where I was allowed to be a kid.

My grandmother lived in a house owned by the church, directly behind the church. My parents, would often drop us off at her house while they prepared for church services at the church, so we’d be there as early as 10am on Sundays. Before my great grandmother (my grandmother’s mother) passed away in 97, they shared the house.

I definitely considered my grandmother one of my best friends. I inherited my love of a good crossword puzzle from her. Honestly? My temperament is most like hers, not my mom or my dad, but my grandmother. Everyone loved her, she had such a quiet strength. As she aged, she began to speak her mind more and more-everyone went to her for wisdom.

My grandmother’s street was where all the kids were. On my street, there were no kids at our end, and the nearest kids were down the street in the projects, where my sisters and I were forbidden to go, so that was that. Playing with kids our age (and getting to play in the street, which we couldn’t do on our busy street) was always fun. I met my first ‘boyfriend’ (it was puppy love lol) at age 12 on my grandmother’s street.

I have so many fond memories of childhood, mainly from my grandmother’s house. Sometimes she’d give us money (or my mom would) and we’d walk to the ice cream stand a few blocks away. Or we’d walk to the corner store across the street and get ice cream there. We’d walk to the CVS up the street. We’d skip rocks or race in the church parking lot. I’d sometimes go a few doors down to my friend’s house and hang out with her.

I am a little sad that I didn’t get to spend as much time with my paternal grandmother, since she lived 14 hours away in Mississippi. I saw her once a year, at Thanksgiving, so I didn’t know her as well.

I’m thinking about the upcoming time in which K & I will start a family (eventually, for those wanting to know lol), and I know that I want our kids to see their grandparents on a regular basis or at least a few times a year. Grandparents are important to a child’s upbringing too. My grandmother’s house was one of my favorite places to be. I so wish my grandmother was still here on earth with me (both of them actually) but the memories I have will live on forever.



A thirty something city kid from the midwest (born, raised and educated in Ohio!) Middle school english educator in Houston, TX...passionate about preparing my kiddos to be successful in high school and beyond! I'm also passionate about helping young adults find their purpose and live it out! I'm constantly growing and evolving. I'm a mom to a little brilliant active black boy and passionate about my faith and spirituality! I'm ready to change the world, one life at a time!

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