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Loving You…

‘Loving you, is easy cause you’re beautiful’-Minnie Ripperton

Man…as beautiful as that song is, loving someone is NOT easy. But that being said, it’s totally worth it.

I had a conversation with a loved one yesterday and they were telling me a story about a situation that bothered them.

In the conversation, I was telling them how they could have done something slightly different but was otherwise on their side. In that moment I realized they didn’t really need that at that moment. They needed to know I was on their side, that I loved them beyond whatever.

Sometimes, people need you to love them beyond their faults, beyond their flaws. You have no idea the power of love and the effect it has on someone. You can tell when someone is loved, it shows up all over them. It transforms lives in ways that nothing else can.

Love is powerful beyond words.

I can say that in my marriage, I’m really just beginning to grasp this lesson.

Sometimes, I want to tell my husband how wrong he is. And sometimes I do. And immediately regret it. Because certain moments, he doesn’t need that. Timing is absolutely¬†everything and showing love in the moment that your spouse needs it is crucial. You can speak about a lesson they need to learn another time. I’m learning to love my husband in spite of. Unconditionally. He needs to know that when he messes up and makes mistakes, I love him regardless. Because I want the same in return.

Marriage is indeed beautiful, because you share an intimacy with someone that you will not share with anyone else. You see them up close and personal 24-7, flaws and all. You learn what makes them tick. You learn what hurts them, what makes them happy. You learn what they need as well as what they desire. And then you get to give them what they need.

And what we all need, is love. And to be able to give that? Is indeed a privilege. Loving someone isn’t easy, but it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s teaching me and showing me so much about myself. And through that, I am growing in ways I never could have imagined.

Loving You…is worth it.



A thirty something city kid from the midwest (born, raised and educated in Ohio!) Middle school english educator in Houston, TX...passionate about preparing my kiddos to be successful in high school and beyond! I'm also passionate about helping young adults find their purpose and live it out! I'm constantly growing and evolving. I'm a mom to a little brilliant active black boy and passionate about my faith and spirituality! I'm ready to change the world, one life at a time!

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