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Just ONE Thing

I was a teenager when the confusion first began. I wanted to be a sportscaster…and a music label CEO. I loved music…and sports.

“Clearly, you must love something more than the other” my father told me. I was confused…I loved both music..and sports…and couldn’t possibly think of not pursuing both.

Earlier this year, around summer time, I decided to really focus on writing, and launching a career in higher education/student affairs.

Focusing on writing, while I was waiting to land a position in higher education, worked out for a little bit.

Then I landed my dream position.

I thought ‘why not do both simultaneously’? I made a conscious effort to make time to write, while also being effective at my job.

It worked, for a bit, while I was training and getting acquainted with my job. As things began to kick into full speed at my job, it became increasingly difficult to find the motivation to write. I began to pour most of my energy into my job and less into my writing.

Only recently have I discovered that you can have it all, just not at once. You have to decide to put things on the back burner. For me? Writing will be on the back burner.

Just to be clear, some folks can have it all, and some have it all at once, seemingly. I will say, they live HIGHLY compartmentalized lives, from what I’ve observed.

For passionate folks like myself? I find it impossible for my passion not to bleed into everything that I do. I can write and work in higher education, simultaneously, but if I write, it’s usually going to be probably about higher education. It helps for me to focus on just one thing. As I get to the place I want to be in higher education, I can branch out and write books, write for journals, etc…I could even do it while I’m launching my career. However  I find it more rewarding and enriching if all my work is intertwined  It doesn’t have to be, but I find that I’m more effective for me to live, eat, breathe my passion, than to divide my time between several things. If you do find that you’re interested in multiple things, find ways to marry your passions. For me, my passion for urban studies and higher education has led me to discovering ways in which the two subjects intersect.

I don’t pretend to know the secret to success. I do know, what works for me, and all I can do is share what I’ve learned. Maybe it’ll help you, or maybe you’ll find something else that works for you. Either way…Just one thing…that’s my strategy and what works for me!

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Goalvember…Goals for November

the title is pretty self-explanatory…so…

my personal goals for November are as follows:

1. Lose five pounds and keep them off. I gotta start somewhere, right?

2. Find a hobby that I love, am excited about, and can do consistently.

3. Find ways to connect with my students and inject more fun into my job!


Yeah…short post…I’ll write more later. Promise!