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It Takes a Village

so in a matter of weeks, I will be stepping into motherhood officially. we are not far at all from our son making his entrance into this world…and of course naturally, I’m feeling a variety of emotions about labor and being a mother in general.

Scared is not one of them. I know I’ll make mistakes, I know I’ll do a lot of earning by trial and error. But I’m not scared, because, I’m not alone. I have my husband, I have my family and his…we have a village. And no matter what others say or believe…I am proof that it does indeed, take a village.

Perhaps I need to use that same logic when it comes to my career and every other area of life. It really does take a village.

I’m more excited, anxious than anything. I’m expecting those sleepless nights, probably because I don’t get much sleep now in these final weeks. I’m expecting to initially not know why he’s crying. I expect that we’ll be learning each other-him learning K & I, us learning him. But I’m also expecting to watch him sleep with a smile on my face (and then promptly fall asleep when he does lol). I’m expecting to fall in love with him to the point of being consumed by it. I’m expecting to proudly show him off and simultaneously be selfish with him, not wanting to be overwhelmed with people who will want to meet him in those initial weeks. I’m excited. Anxious. Not scared. Not worried.

At this point I’m thinking more about my career path. about where I want to be, and how to get there. and when. But I’m realizing, that will all take care of itself. I just need to take opportunities when presented to me, and just take things one step at a time.