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The Wait

So, I’m 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Which, is technically overdue.

It’s mentally, physically, emotionally the hardest thing I’ve done, is to continue a pregnancy past its’ estimated due date.

This kid is heavy, and seemingly content inside. Mommy is less than thrilled to be still feeling his feet in her ribs.

Then there’s the comments from everyone, questions-‘where’s the baby?’

‘Have you been walking everyday? Have you done _____?’
As if its something I haven’t done to bring my son into the world…how nice.

But the hardest part is the wait.

We waited to start a family. We waited to get pregnant. We waited to find out we were having a boy.

And now we [im]patiently await our son’s arrival.

It’s like waiting for Christmas, only to find out it’s been postponed, to a date to be determined.

It’s a letdown. A disappointment.

Ever waited for something to manifest and it came later than you expected? You were mad it was late but glad to finally have it.

Maybe you’re waiting on something right now that hasn’t shown up at the time you thought it would. And you wonder if you’ve been forgotten.

Maybe it’s a new position, a raise, a spouse. Maybe it’s taking you longer to conceive or get that degree. You’re looking around you and find yourself seemingly alone.

You’re never alone. Nor have you been forgotten about.

It’s important for your faith to remain steady in the promise during The Wait.  So, tune out the naysayers. Cut off your phone if you must for a bit. Feed your spirit and soul with positive affirmations, stories, etc.
Be thankful to be on the brink of receiving your promise. Imagine yourself with that new job,  house, spouse, child. Imagine how it feels and focus on that.

Soon, The Wait will be over. And your promise will be here.

I’m writing this for those of you who feel you’ll never have your promise. Hold on!

And excuse my selfishness, but I’m writing this for myself as well. I’m literally DAYS away from meeting my son. And as hard as The Wait may be, I’m remaining steady in my faith. He’s on his way.

The Wait is almost over. My son will be here shortly. And, I can’t wait to see his beautiful face-The Wait will have absolutely been worth it.