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Hide and Seek

So, I was having a conversation this morning with an awesome woman I know, who said she was looking for a man. I asked her where she was going/frequented, she then admitted that she didn’t go anywhere.

Let me warn you before going ANY further, I’m progressive…except when it comes to chivalry. I personally believe a man should pursue a woman. I believe in gentlemen who open doors, who don’t honk their horns when picking up a woman for a date. I believe in men asking women to marry them.

Am I saying women shouldn’t ask men out? Nope not at all. I’m definitely a feminist. BUT, I like to see women pursued, swept off their feet. I’m a romantic.and i think men should prove themselves. Let the man chase you. Let them pull out all the stops.


Ladies, let me be real with you.

If you want to be married, or even dating/in a serious relationship? You need to be in and frequent places where you can be found.a man most likely won’t show up at your doorstep while you just watch movies all the time after work.

So without further ado here are some of the best places to meet men:

Church. I know, i know, some of you may think ‘there are no good men at my church/good looking men.’ But, there are other women there who may have sons, grandsons, brothers, nephews to set you up with. Go to church to strengthen your relationship with God. And seek out mentorship of an older, married woman who can help prepare you to be a wife!

Hang with married women/couples. Married women know good men who aren’t married. Whether it be a brother, hubby’s coworker, etc…they Can spot marriage material from a mile away especially if they are in a good healthy marriage themselves.

School. Check out the campus center/library/your classroom. I met my husband at college, at a salsa/merengue dance workshop. And the rest is history.

Gym. It’s good for you to stay fit and find someone else who values their health as well. Usually more men there than women!

Professional conferences/organizations. You’ll automatically have something in common if you meet a man at a conference. Dress to impress!

Alumni clubs from your college. You share a common background by attending the same college/university. And if education is important, you’ll find someone with at least a 4 year degree there and a good job.

Meetup groups. Find one for your interest. Make new friends. Even better if you meet a guy who shares the same interest!

Travel. Go see old high school/college friends. They may introduce you to single men they know. Or you might meet a local cutie in the social scene there.

Weddings. Don’t be afraid to go without a date or with a friend! You might catch the eye of one of the eligible bachelors there 🙂

Other places include: local bar. Especially during sporting events. Starbucks. Birthday parties. Library. A friend’s family reunion/gathering. Local grocery store.

Now…you CAN meet men online too. Many have met their future spouse online. But, i still suggest you get out and get FOUND if you really want to get married. Get out there and live life, be exciting. Do amazing things, Do what you LOVE. The right man will find you!



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