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10 things that I would tell anyone looking for life advice….but it’s mostly just for me.

Words of wisdom by my sister ❤


Some days I feel my age and some days I feel like I just graduated last year. But, time waits for no one and it’s gone by so much faster than I thought. I realize now that I need to make the most of the season I’m in and explore what life has to offer me. Here are a few things that I’ve learned along the way and what advice I would give to my 18 year old self and others who are trying to make decisions.

  1. No one knows what the heck they’re doing. This is so true because all of the times I thought everyone around me had it figured out and I was the only one wandering around aimlessly, it turns out they were doing the same thing too. When I was 18, I thought that I had it all figured out and I had this path…

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Coming from where I’m from…

Madam CJ Walker
Madam CJ Walker, first Black millionaire businesswoman

“I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors as a strong educated brilliant beautiful black woman…my life’s work is to not just make them proud, but to leave a legacy so that those following behind me know that with God ALL things are possible”


As I get closer to closing out my twenties (March 15 is not far away at all), I think about all that I’ve accomplished.

At times I get discouraged, because, I’m seemingly nowhere near figuring this thing called life out, especially in terms of being stable in my career.

But then I look at ALLLLL that I’ve accomplished. And…I’m proud of myself. Because I’ve come a LONG way.

I’m earning degree #3 in August 2016, Masters in Higher Education. First degree that my son will get to see me earn. And just thinking of that, is humbling.

Not bad for the granddaughter of Mississippi sharecroppers. Or a first generation college graduate.

It’s interesting to look back and see where I’m coming from and where I’m going. I come from a family of blue collar, some college educated, and many, many entrepreneurs who decided they’d rather work for themselves than others. I didn’t really realize the pride I had in my family until I was an adult and really learned who they were.

I’ve grown to appreciate the history behind things, behind people, behind Black Culture specifically in the last 11 years since I’ve graduated high school. I look at black women now, and the history we come from…and I’m aware that the opportunities I have access to now, are because of the many MANY sacrifices that black women before me have made. I love learning my history. I believe everything happens for a reason, that we are interested in what we are interested in, for a reason. Now I belong to a church, rich in black history (dating all the way back to the 1800s) and I love going to church every Sunday to learn more about it.

I am SO proud to be part of such a rich heritage, and I intend to add on to it. I’m determined to make the rest of my life about continuing to learn about black history, and determined to BE black history in my own way, Lord willing. I have so much I want to accomplish and I can’t wait to do it!

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Intuition and Greatness

An oldie but GOODIE…absolutely necessary for today! Good morning

Deidre Michelle

“You can still be who you wish you is, it aint happened yet and that’s what intuition is”

-Kanye West, I Wonder

I have always loved Kanye West. Even in his crazy antics (because in many times, he was telling the truth…not always, but often), I appreciated his candor, but most importantly I’ve always appreciated his confidence and his desire to share that with the world.

I wonder how young Kanye was, when he knew he would be great? I wonder how young he was when he found a sense of purpose, direction?

Graduation is one of my favorite albums of his. And “I Wonder” is my favorite song on that album. Perhaps my favorite song of his, period.

“I Wonder” is a song that that has always resonated with me, because I often ‘wondered’ about my dreams.I wondered, if I was crazy for the big goals that I have. If…

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