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Dear God, Thank You-2015 Recap

Dear God,

Thank You.

Thank You for my life. None of this would be possible without You. When other folks forgot about me, when I had NOBODY I could call on…I always had You. It would take all day and more than a blog post to express my deepest gratitude for helping me get through one of the most challenging years of my life. Because of You, I made it through. Because of You, I know I can move forward and press on, stronger, and wiser than I ever thought possible.

Thank You for such an outstanding year! Despite the challenges, the tears, the sleepless/late nights spent doing homework or taking care of my family, and just wanting to throw in the towel at times…2015 blew my mind in more ways than I can count!

Thank You for a husband who is healthy, alive, smart, hard working, and an all around good man. Though we may not always see eye to eye, I know he loves me and handles his business. Thank You for sending him to me. My work ethic? Was inspired by this man that You allowed to become my husband-he set the pace, the tone of the house. From him I’ve learned not to give up on what I really want. Also thank You for a husband who believes in laughter being good for the soul. He is a great father, and I’m forever grateful for him. I pray that I can be as much of a blessing to him that he’s been to me.

God, Thank You for an amazing son. He too is healthy, smart and he is a gift that I get to unwrap every single day. What an amazing privilege it is to be able to be his mother and watch him come into his own one milestone at a time. Each day he teaches me that time waits for no one, and to cherish each moment.

Thank You for my family and friends, old and new, who have had my back, who have sat with me when I cried, laughed with me when I needed to laugh, and shared many memories with me this year. Thank You for giving me an amazing support system who has cheered for me every step of the way.

Thank You for allowing me to reach some goals that at times, thought were out of reach.

Thank You for GRACE, mercy, love and forgiveness. Thank You for the strength to carry on.

Thank you for my ACU family. I am forever changed by that trip to Texas and this masters degree experience. It has stretched me in so many ways and, I will be a little sad when it comes to an end in 2016 but extremely grateful that I was able to follow a dream of mine.

Thank You for my AMAZING church family, St. Paul AME. It has been here that I’ve truly learned what it means to love You with my whole heart, soul and MIND. Each week I find a different reason to love my church…who knew that I would find a home here? We had our challenges this year but, thank You for seeing us through.

And finally God, thank You for Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated, the sisteRHOhood that I knew I needed and dreamed of but never expected to blow my mind like this. I am extremely blessed to be in such great company of so many amazing, brilliant, sophisticated, like-minded women. I am always looking for different ways to serve You and I’m so glad that I was granted this opportunity to do so through Sigma. I just hope that You’ll ALWAYS get the glory out of all that I do, whether it be through Sigma, my career, my volunteer work, my church, my family/friends.

I have soooo much to be thankful for, God, You KNOW, I could write several pages on it, but these blessings mentioned above, are ones that stick out the most.

Dear God,
Thank You.

I know 2016 will be amazing, but before I head into the new year, I just wanted to take time out to say, Thank You.