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Surrendering is an interesting concept.

The dictionary definition is to cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority.

When you stress or worry, you allow it to have authority over you. When you focus intensely in a negative way over a situation you cannot control or have limited control over, you allow it to have authority over you.

Some of us don’t know how to surrender. We’re hell-bent on trying to control things. Maybe it’s because at some point in our life we felt controlled. We felt suffocated and stifled and then got old enough to insist that we would never let anyone or anything control or stifle us so we decided we needed to have all the power…or so we thought.

This led to health issues, relationship conflict, financial issues, etc.

But what if we surrendered?

What if instead of trying to control what is, what if we surrendered to what could be?

What if we decided to trust? Trust that everything will work out for our good?

I know some of us have major trust issues. But what if we forgave those people that broke our hearts, disappointed us, stifled us, tried to control us? What if we set them free?

What if by our setting them free, we liberated ourselves?

What would life be like if we decided to surrender? To not fight those battles that were never meant for us to fight in the first place?

Surrendering is not a bad thing. Sometimes we hold on so tightly to a good thing that we could delay a great thing. There are false assumptions and fears around surrendering.

It could be the best thing we ever did.

Do you need to surrender?