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Step out of the boat…

I have to be honest, I have been great at encouraging and empowering others, but then thinking the same advice didn’t apply to me.

I have told people to leave unhealthy and unhappy situations especially ones that directly impacted their health. I have told people to follow their intuition. But was I following that same advice?

This summer I had to.

I had decided to take the next steps into furthering my career by enrolling in a graduate program nearby. I chose it for convenience.

But I learned that convenience doesn’t always mean it’s best for you.

Ok so back to the story.

Over the course of summer, I noticed an increasingly nagging feeling of uneasiness with the decision I had made. . Academically, I was doing great. But, I kept thinking of transferring. And I kept dismissing the idea.

All while I was telling my baby sister to consider all her options, I was shutting down all of mine, because I was a mother, because I was a wife and had a family to consider. So I would sacrifice my happiness to do the responsible thing. I kept telling myself these things, in hopes that the nagging feeling would go away and I would eventually be okay and at peace with my decision.

That nagging feeling never went away. In fact, it only grew more as the summer term began to wind down. I knew I had to do something; question was, would I have the guts to pull the trigger and do something about it?

I sought wise counsel and they told me, to trust my instincts and to do what makes me happy.

Amazing how a lightbulb goes off when you have to listen to your own advice being repeated to you!

So I sprang into action, knowing I would have to move quickly. I had to narrow down a list of online schools, to the ones still taking students for the fall semester. I also had to use other criteria, and I was able to find just one school that fit my needs and my wants. I was accepted, began my first semester at the new school, and I must say, I am so glad and thankful I did something about that nagging feeling.

Was it scary? Yes. Was it a huge risk? Yes. And I won’t know how much of a risk it was until I finish my masters. But I hope it is one that will pay off.



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