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To Thine Ownself be True…

I’ve loved and I’ve lost.

Except I don’t feel like I’ve lost. It just didn’t pan out.

I did it all just right. Got married. Finished my degree. Had my son. In that order.

And then it all kinda imploded.

Not at all without warning signs. there were plenty of them.

This isn’t a post to bash anybody, or to tell our business.

This is a post to tell you, dear reader, to thine ownself be true.

Life is messy. It’s rarely a straight, linear line. Life is often a path that is winding and crooked, with lots of detours along the way.

There will be tears. There will be hurt.

but there will also be beautiful surprises. Flowers just because. Dream jobs. Beautiful relationships. Joy. Pure unadulterated JOY.

Life can be scary. Life can be fun.

I’m not quite sure where I was even going with this. But I will say…

My business, uncommon by design? Based off of me.

I have always known how different I was. And yet I wasted years trying to prove that I belong. That I fit in.

But I’ve also known that I was never meant to blend in. I was born to stand out. I was born to be uncommon. That was by design.

I can be incredibly private, sometimes out of shame sometimes out of comfort but I share my writing, I share my truth, because, I want others to know that they’re not the only ones. They’re not the only ones dealing with the fall out of a divorce. They’re not the only ones who once felt unworthy of happiness. they’re not the only one trying to figure life out.
I write, I share to say ‘me too.’

We are all uncommon for a reason. Live your truth. Then share it. Don’t ever hide it. Don’t ever not be who you are. You never know who you can liberate or help by simply being true to you.

To thine ownself be true.

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Tell Our Truth

Told my friends I would write tonight and they said ‘tell our truth’

I told them I would. So here we are.

Here is our truth.

This is an ode to the black queens. The black queens who have continued to put themselves on the discounted or clearance rack and then wondering why they are not happy in their careers, personal life, relationships.

This is for the black women still trying to find their way. Not worried about what Mama or Daddy may say. Not even what your girls say. only thing you’re concerned with is being happy. And anybody who isn’t trying to aid in your happiness, must go.

Here is our truth.

Our truth is that we are BRILLIANT. Unique. Magical. Human. Messy. Talented. Underappreciated. Gorgeous. Superb. There’s nothing like us.

We are highly sought after yet we live as though nobody will ever want us if we decide to be all that we are.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is time.

Time to take our place as the black QUEENS we are. And Queens doesn’t mean that we are perfect. It means we are glorious. Glorious when we walk, talk, twerk, study, speak, do hair, cook, raise our kids, love our Kings, maintain the castles, build up the cities. We are EPIC.

We have wandered. We have settled. We are humans, still trying to find our place.

Search no more. Your place is on the throne. And whatever you want to do, be, or have? Is yours. It is just waiting for you to take your place as the QUEEN that you are.

And you do not need a KING to rule. Queens can rule on their own. This is not to downplay the companionship and the power that can come with collaboration and joining forces with a King.

But it isn’t necessary.

I’m so sick and tired of the narratives out there about black women. About how we are unmarried. Not classy. Whatever other narratives exist out there…don’t even tell the half of it.

They don’t tell what we’ve been through. How we’ve been the anchors of our families. How we’ve made ways out of noway. How we’ve overcome. How we still stand tall and strong in the midst of unthinkable adversity. Others would have crumbled under the pressure we faced but instead we faced it with grace, class and beauty.

Our truth is, we are magical. Humans yes but magical. We do twice as much with half as much. We love. We heal. We grow. We create. We give birth. We comfort.

And so much more.

Our truth is, despite our humanity, despite our failures, mistakes, feelings of despair, our periods of drought, our shortcomings, we are still black queens here to REIGN.

We are here to stand in our truth with boldness and certainty. With confidence that there is nobody like us. Often imitated never duplicated. We are unmatched. We are where civilization began.

We have alot to brag about yet we often remain humble and behind the scenes.

it is time to take our place. It is time to step into the light. It is time to take our place on the throne as Queens.

It is time to shine.

Tell our truth.

Black Women, we are Queens.