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Day 3 Poetry Challenge

Love isn’t how you feel, it’s what you do

Love isn’t just the way you look at me with the twinkle in your eye or how you feel during love making

Love is taking the trash out because I always forget to do it before I leave

Or letting me have the last croissant occasionally because you know it’s one of my favorite things to eat

Love is letting me sleep in every Saturday because Monday through Friday, I’ve gotten up to take the kids to school every morning

Love is standing by my side as I bury my parents even though you hate funerals

Love is staying with me before and after my wisdom teeth are pulled and making sure I’m good


Love is about showing someone you care instead of merely saying it. Actions >Words

Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s what you do ❤




A thirty something city kid from the midwest (born, raised and educated in Ohio!) Urban/Higher Education professional, I love supporting schools and organizations in their efforts to educate urban youth and young adults. I'm also passionate about helping young adults find their purpose and live it out! I'm constantly growing and evolving. I'm a mom to a brilliant active little boy, a proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Incorporated, and I'm ready to change the world, one life at a time!

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