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You Had Me at Hello (Day 6 Poetry Challenge)

I tried to not fall in love with you

but my feeble attempts failed

You had me at hello

I tried to tell myself that as long as it was within my power, within my domain

I wouldn’t fall for you

It was too soon

But as soon as I saw you for the first time

It was a wrap

You eyes locked with mine

I couldn’t not sit close to you

And as time has gone by

Our love story has become my favorite

Our characters are ones that I’ve loved the most

Our love sweet as sugar, honey, iced tea

As I write this love letter and instead of sending it to you in an envelope

Instead it’ll be placed in a bottle and tossed into the ocean

Maybe someone will find this and be inspired

To take a risk for love

To go for it

To believe that love at first sight does exist




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Day 3 Poetry Challenge

Love isn’t how you feel, it’s what you do

Love isn’t just the way you look at me with the twinkle in your eye or how you feel during love making

Love is taking the trash out because I always forget to do it before I leave

Or letting me have the last croissant occasionally because you know it’s one of my favorite things to eat

Love is letting me sleep in every Saturday because Monday through Friday, I’ve gotten up to take the kids to school every morning

Love is standing by my side as I bury my parents even though you hate funerals

Love is staying with me before and after my wisdom teeth are pulled and making sure I’m good


Love is about showing someone you care instead of merely saying it. Actions >Words

Love isn’t just a feeling, it’s what you do ❤


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The Poem I’d Never Write (Poetry Challenge)

The poem I’d Never write

Is tucked away with the song I’d never sing

Along with the book I’d never pen


In it contains words near and dear to my heart

that sings of pain, trials, tears, and fears

But also reads of triumph, joy, happiness and peace


The poem I’d never write

is one that discloses my deepest darkest feelings

They say to show them is liberating

I say to show them is risking it all for all the wrong reasons

I’m all for vulnerability but timing is all about seasons

Summertime when we bear it all and show some skin

Leads to broken hearts when it all ends

Fall when the leaves change colors and descend from the heights

When cider and boots go together and folks get cozy

Let me bare my soul when the winter comes

Let my words keep you warm but no that won’t happen

It may turn your heart cold

Spring is when new love blooms and I dare not kill something before it even grows

So the poem I’d never write will remain a story untold