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No Regrets on Purpose

“If you could go back and change one thing in your life, what would it be?” is a common question asked on a regular basis on a variety of different platforms and situations.
My answer? Nothing. Because the smallest change could literally change the course of my entire life.

My freshman year I [briefly] attended a HBCU in Virginia. And while now, I look back on my experience and time there fondly, at the time I was depressed, homesick and unhappy while I was there.

Years later I am able to set aside the depression I experienced and remember mostly the valuable lessons I was taught there, both in and outside of the classroom. Those lessons stuck with me and even shaped me into who I am at this very moment.

Leaving that school was devastating, as I looked at it as coming home empty-handed. No college credits under my belt, no degree, nothing. Just feelings of failure and embarrassment as I enrolled at the local community college.

But who knew that in the moment of my despair, the foundation was laid for my personal and character development? Who knew that depression I went through would strengthen me and position me to encourage others later on? Who knew coming back home would lead to even greater opportunities, meeting my husband, and discovering my passion for education?

God knew. Just like He knew in the Old Testament story of Joseph, that Joseph getting sold into slavery by his own brothers, being imprisoned and punished, would set him up to be one of the highest ranking officials in the country, putting him in a position to save his family’s life during a famine, one of the worst ever.

I’m sure Joseph never saw any of that coming. But I’m sure if he were alive today and you asked him if he could go back and change anything in his life, his answer would be the same as mine.


And how do I know this?

Genesis 50: 20 told me so.

“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

You may have lost a loved one. Or some friends. or a job. You may find yourself in a situation you never expected to be in. But God allowed it to happen. It all has a greater purpose.

You losing your job led to a career change, or allowed you to be able to take care of a sick relative. Losing friends allowed you to make new friends, appropriate for the season of life you are in now. God knew what you needed before you did, before you even opened your mouth to ask Him.

Your pain, your frustration, has purpose.

God is interested in our happiness, our success, our triumphs, absolutely He is. But He is more concerned with making us like Him. And whatever He has to do or use to do that, He will.

Take comfort in knowing that God wants you to be the very best version of you possible and He will bring you to unexpected places so that can happen. Trust that God knows better than you or any of us ever will.

And in times of trials, frustration, devastation, despair…know there is a purpose, a reason for it all.

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Happy New Years…ready, set GO!

Happy New Years everyone!

Hope 2014 is treating you thusfar…just wanted to do a quick update.

For the first time in YEARS I’m not doing a year-end/previous year recap. Lots of great things happened and some not so great things happened but most of all it was a year of GROWTH. And I want to keep that going…it’s just too much to recap. But my family grew, as we welcomed our son 🙂 We moved, and other life changes occurred. All in all, I’m grateful to see another year.

That being said? I’m starting off this year like never before. I created a 30 days of Gratitude Challenge group on facebook and have a blog as well that gets updated once a week for group members. 35 group members and myself are keeping a gratitude journal for the month of January, listing 5 things we are grateful for daily in it, and then sharing some with the group. This changed my life when I began doing it back during the Spring/Summer of 2012 and I wanted to begin the new year by giving thanks and re-establishing gratitude as a daily habit.

I’m also participating in 2 other challenge groups on facebook, 30 Days of Hustle, in which each of the group members commit to one goal for 30 days and do whatever necessary to reach that goal. My goal is to write the first 3 chapters of my book by the end of this month. I knew I would need help with that goal, so I joined the My 500 words group as well. Each day members are to write 500 words minimum. It’s designed to help us establish writing as a regular practice, and become better writers. It’s helped me tremendously in writing my book. I’ve just about finished my first chapter, although it’s a VERY rough draft.

I have other things going on that I can’t wait to share here, as soon as I’m able to. I am very busy and it’s a good thing…between job hunting, raising my son, taking care of a household/husband, and the projects I’ve listed above? Yeah. Lots of good things going on.

I will say I’m doing things that have been in the works for at least 5 years now, and I just decided to stop talking about it and just DO it. The key for me is to just do it before I can talk myself out of it. I’m a dreamer but I’m also a realist. And my realist side often stops me from chasing dreams. It’s been an ongoing problem for years now…but I’ve finally decided to let the desire of wanting to realize my dreams, outweigh all the ‘realist’ concerns/worries. Worries/Concerns become excuses. Excuses end up blocking your dreams and your dreams eventually die.

2014 has begun. Your dreams are sitting there, waiting for you to pick them up and run with them, tirelessly, until you achieve them.

Failure is almost guaranteed to be an obstacle on the way. But that is all it is, an obstacle. It doesn’t define your dreams. Not in the least.

Are you ready to LIVE the life you were designed to live? If so, let’s do this!