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Intuition and Greatness

“You can still be who you wish you is, it aint happened yet and that’s what intuition is”

-Kanye West, I Wonder

I have always loved Kanye West. Even in his crazy antics (because in many times, he was telling the truth…not always, but often), I appreciated his candor, but most importantly I’ve always appreciated his confidence and his desire to share that with the world.

I wonder how young Kanye was, when he knew he would be great? I wonder how young he was when he found a sense of purpose, direction?

Graduation is one of my favorite albums of his. And “I Wonder” is my favorite song on that album. Perhaps my favorite song of his, period.

“I Wonder” is a song that that has always resonated with me, because I often ‘wondered’ about my dreams.I wondered, if I was crazy for the big goals that I have. If I was being unrealistic. But that song? Has kept me dreaming. And that line, that I quoted above? Has kept me pushing forward.

what if what you want to be, your deepest desire is your intuition telling you of your destiny, what you are meant to be? That innate desire, that inner drive, is where greatness is born.

Only you have the power to make that happen.

True greatness, starts with your intuition, with your thoughts, and with your desires. Many have a desire to be great, but quickly dismiss it. We make excuses. Too poor, too fat, not enough time, not enough luck.

And those excuses become our mantra. And it remains our reality until we dare to do something about it.

Many never will. They’re convinced that their circumstances have already predicted their future. They are sure that their history determines their destiny.

I can reassure you, with that thinking, you are absolutely right.

Proverbs 23:7 says As a man thinketh, so is he.

Your thoughts control your destiny. If you think you can’t, you are right. If you think all hope is gone, you are right. If you think you are poor, you are right.

You see, your thoughts don’t just speak to your current reality; your thoughts are prophetic as well. You have the power to shape your future, your life, using your thoughts and words (Your words are the second part of where greatness is born, that is another post for another time). That’s right, you, are POWERFUL.

Greatness, starts, with your intuition and your thoughts. It’s why you must guard your thoughts. Your intuition is never wrong, you know. If you’re not careful, you can second guess yourself if you are bombarded with negativity, with messages that go directly against your intuition. Your thoughts are a direct byproduct of the people you hang with, the tv shows you watch, the books you read, the music you listen to, the environment you live in, the places you go, the things you pay attention to.

Do you desire to be great? Dare to pay attention to your intuition. Dare to let that inner drive, that desire, push you towards it. Block out naysayers. Turn off social media if you must. Limit your time around people who speak against your desire to be great. Read books that feed your spirit. Listen to music that affirms who you are (not who you are currently, but WHO YOU ARE, prophetically-remember, your intuition, your thoughts are prophetic!).

Greatness does not occur without work, I am not minimizing the importance of hard work, diligence, and good habits. I am saying, it all starts with your intuition.

If you have a feeling you will be great, pay attention to that. Follow it.

As long as you are given the greatest gift of waking up to see another day, your intuition is always right.

A New Mother’s Intuition

I’m a new mommy! My son (he’ll be called kiddo until further notice) was born July 6, 2013, at 9lb 2oz…and he’s my pride and joy!

Kiddo has quite a personality already, and I’m so in love with him!

People have been super supportive and helpful, which has been great as a first time mom. And also sometimes, frustrating.

I told Kiddo when he was still in utero and shortly after he was born, that mommy doesn’t have it all figured out, that i will make mistakes as i figure things out, but that we’d get through it-together.

That being said, i’m dealing with what all first time mothers have had to deal with at some point-unsolicited advice. I realize people think they’re being helpful, but, i like to learn by trial and error. Not to mention, I’m developing my intuition as a mother, and getting to know my son.

And yet I’ve politely nodded my head and smiled or affirmed my choice to do what i felt was best as a mother, already when folks decide to tell me how long to breastfeed, when to take him out, other things.

I definitely appreciate everyone being helpful. I do. I’m just desiring freedom and space to figure things out as a mother.